Christina Aguilera is white hot on the cover for her new album 'Lotus.' She's a vision, a goddess and a mermaid, if you will. It's both a divine and an aquatic image.

She shared the smoldering shot via Twitter, posting: "#LOTUS album cover. Here it is! Album out Nov 13. XoXtina."

It's similar to the single cover for 'Your Body,' where she is draped in a pink sheath. With her arms outstretched, Xtina almost looks like a religious figure, doesn't she? She's a powerful and omniscent pop star!

The singer passed up her usual modern Marilyn Monroe look of big waves and matte, deep crimson lips in favor of long, straight, white-blonde locks, which strategically cover her lady lumps. To paraphrase her new hit single 'Your Body,' Aguilera sure has a rocking body.

The lower half of her curvy physique is obscured, since she is sprouting from a lotus flower (which looks a bit like a teacup, too). Xtina has spoken about her choice of title, saying she picked that flower since a lotus is resilient and grows even under the harshest of conditions.

Yep, a metaphor for the singer herself.

Watch the Christina Aguilera 'Your Body' Video