We've already heard the first single from Christina Aguilera's 'Lotus' album, the slick pop song 'Your Body.' How does the rest of the album measure up? A seven-minute YouTube clip containing snippets from each and every track hit the web today, and while the clip was quickly taken down, the teaser revealed enough to get Aguilera fans excited.

The song snippets are each less than 30 seconds in length and none of them actually include the hook, so it's difficult to make any definite judgments. But the clips do reveal that 'Lotus' will contain a variety of musical styles, from Aguilera's big-voiced ballads to contemporary dance-pop songs.

'Army of Love' sounds like a lyrical companion to 'Fighter,' with self-empowering words about inner strength: "I've been standing where you left me / Praying that you'd come and get me / But now I've found my second wind / Now I've found my second skin."

'Red Hot Kinda Love' and the Cee Lo Green collabo 'Make the World Move' are both up-tempo tunes with a funky edge. One unnamed track, perhaps her duet with Blake Shelton, features a bit of country music twang as Xtina sings, "Another shot of whiskey, please bartender / Keep it comin' 'til I don't remember at all / How bad it hurts when you're gone."

'Lotus' is an important record for Aguilera, whose last release 'Bionic,' was a flop. Aguilera has said the album "made me come full circle and appreciate the journey of the last decade-plus. I chose ‘Lotus’ because it represents the unbreakable flower that stands the test of time." 'Lotus' drops on Nov. 13.

Watch the Christina Aguilera 'Your Body' Video