When you're a busy show business queen like Christina Aguilera, there isn't always time for bonding with your babies in between rehearsals and recording hit singles. That's why Xtina brought her 3-year-old son Max to the set of her hit show 'The Voice,' so that she could multi-task motherhood and work.

'Stina tweeted the above pic of her little man sitting in her lap in the famous 'The Voice' chair, along with the sweet caption, "The Voice that owns my heart..." From the looks of it, the pair palled around and probably spun circles in the rotating chairs -- a real thrill for any pint-sized kiddo. Throw in having Christina Aguilera as a mom and we think Max is pretty set for a lifetime of fun.

The successful NBC reality show is currently filming the audition tapes for its second season. Christina, Cee Lo, Adam Levine and country crooner Blake Shelton will return for all-new episodes of 'The Voice,' which will premiere immediately after the Superbowl on Feb. 5.