Christina Aguilera hyped her most recent record, 'Lotus,' to the high heavens -- but unfortunately, it flopped, likely due at least in part to a lack of real promotion from the singer. While her initial hiatus from 'The Voice' was originally supposed to be to allow her to tour in support of the album, that's looking far less likely.

Aguilera explained of her time away from the NBC hit, "I need moments to step away from the camera. I have selected performances here and there right now ... This is a sort of down time for me right now."

She did promise, however, that new music may be on the horizon ... but she didn't give too many details. "I'm going on vacation next week with my son, first time in Japan, which is such an inspirational place for me," she gushed. "Get re-inspired, rejuvenated for what's to come ... I can't say everything!"

As for her temporary replacement on 'The Voice?' Aguilera is firmly Team Shakira for the upcoming season. "It's always girl power," she grinned. "I'm very much in support of any woman who's willing to take on all this testosterone at once and do it 24/7! I had three seasons of it and I needed a moment away ... to feel this moment," she quipped, referencing her duet with Mr. 305. "Pitbull!"

But don't worry -- it sounds like XTina will return to her big red chair soon enough. "'The Voice' has always been amazing to me. Mark Burnett is such a positive person and truly understands that artists need their space to be artists," she explained. "I'm not a robot -- I can't be in front of the camera all of the time! You learn as you grow in this business ... you need a moment so you can offer more as an artist and as a coach."

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