It was a dramatic week for Christina Aguilera on tonight's episode of 'The Voice,' as the talkative pop diva was forced to send two members of her team home for good.

As soon as the show opened, the first order of business was to find out which member of Aguilera's team the voting public sent into the next round, and to nobody's surprise, it was hair-free, tattooed "rocker" Beverly McClellan.

That meant it was time for Aguilera to spare one more of her team, thereby sending the other two, Raquel Castro and Lily Elise, packing; And oh boy did she make a big deal about it, hemming and hawing and making sure to say as many good things about all the contestants as possible.

Finally, about three seconds before host Carson Daly was granted permission to treat her as a hostile witness, Xtina chose vocal powerhouse Frenchie Davis, thereby insuring nobody on her team will have longer, more luxurious flowing locks than their coach.

How will her team fare in future rounds? Guess you'll have to tune in next week (or read these recaps) to find out!