With a new album, a new fragrance, and a judges' seat on one of the most-watched singing competitions on TV, Christina Aguilera has plenty to talk about -- and true to form, she held nothing back during her recent appearance on the syndicated talk show 'Extra.'

Sitting down with host Renee Bargh for a brief Q&A, Aguilera described her latest perfume, Red Sin, as a sort of public service for women everywhere. "Every woman should embrace their sensuality, their body," she explained. "The fragrance is a great touch to sort of help embrace yourself." (Masking one's natural scent seems like kind of a counter-intuitive way to embrace one's self, but whatever works.)

Bargh then went on to lead Aguilera through a round of rapid-fire questions about a variety of topics, asking her to name her favorite guilty pleasure on TV (it's Bravo's ever-expanding lineup of 'Real Housewives' shows) and who she'd like to trade places with for a day (Guns N' Roses frontman Axl Rose, because "I want to know what it feels like to be a real rock star").

Finally, talk turned to politics when Bargh broke out the hard-hitting reporting and asked Aguilera who she thinks is sexier, Barack Obama or Mitt Romney. Emitting a short, harsh laugh, Aguilera seemed taken aback for a moment before asking a question of her own: "What does Mick Romney look like?" And just like that, we're buying an extra copy of 'Lotus.' Thanks for making our Friday, Xtina!

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