Taylor Swift isn't the only pop diva to corner the market on the color red, with her album 'Red' on the horizon. Christina Aguilera is launching her latest fragrance Red Sin, and the promo photos for the scent see the 'Your Body' singer swathed in crimson tones and owning it.

Aguilera, who has multiple fragrances in her perfume portfolio, is one of those genetically blessed people who has a naturally pretty face that looks amazeballs no matter what makeup trend she is following or starting. These photos certainly do their part to play up those gorgeous features.

Juxtaposing her white blonde hair, which is styled in Farrah Fawcett-like feather waves, the scarlet lights only serve to show off her prettiness. They shine a crimson spotlight on how good Xtina always looks.

Aguilera is sultry and smoldering, offering little more than a sly grin and mysterious bedroom eyes, thanks to smoky eye makeup. It certainly makes us interested in taking a whiff of Red Sin.

What about you guys, PopCrushers? Do you guys wear any celeb scents? Which is your favorite? Does these photos make you want to try Xtina's new Red Sin perfume?

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