Christina Aguilera's recent weight loss has generated more buzz than the contestants on Season 5 of 'The Voice.' The singer looks as stunning and as confident as ever and she revealed a very simple formula for shedding the excess L-B-S.

"Laughter, happiness, breathing, and I did some yoga," Xtina said. Simple enough, right? We're sure she probably avoided carbs, sweets and unhealthy junk food fare.

The singer and coach is currently enjoying a hit with A Great Big World in the form of 'Say Something.' Having the power ballad soaring and surging on the charts can't hurt her confidence, either.

She opened up about the duo, saying, "Those guys wrote a gorgeous song...I'm just into and being motivated more than ever right now by just things that feel real and honest and genuine... and we always come from a place of truth, and that's what this song and these guys are."

Xtina also pointed out that the boys of AGBW are having the time of their lives, and they came over to her house after the AMAs, and she gave them tips on how to deal! "Just breathe, relax and enjoy every second," Xtina revealed as the advice she shared.

She also revealed that since they are being pulled in so many different directions, they let off some steam with paintball guns. "It's so much fun," she said, joking that Adam Levine's face is the target in the clip above.

Speaking of his fine face, the coaches were presented with cupcakes with A. Lev's visage on 'em. Sweet...literally!

Those are some sexy cupcakes featuring the Sexiest Man Alive.