The latest round of battles on 'The Voice' got started with a competition between Raquel Castro and Julia Eason from Christina Aguilera's team. The two squared off with a dueling performance of Rihanna's 'Only Girl (In the World).'

"I'm battling Julia and she's amazing," said Raquel. "But at the end of the day it is a competition and I'm here to do my best and give it my all."

"Raquel and Julia are my two dynamo gems," said Aguilera. "I truly adore them and they bring back memories for me of being fresh out of the gate and wanting it so bad."

During the rehearsals, Aguilera and her advisor, Sia, gave the girls advice as they worked on the Rihanna track. Sia told Eason that "you would do well to relax your vocal cords a little more." Aguilera said both contestants had some pitch problems.

For the performance, Eason towered over the diminutive Castro as they traded verses on the Rihanna hit. Castro strutted around the stage confidently and commanded the stage. Eason shined vocally, but didn't seem to match Castro's stage presence.

While Aguilera deliberated, the other coaches offered their opinions. Cee Lo Green favored Castro, whom he affectionately called "Lil' Mama." Adam Levine concurred, saying Castro "just got this thing."

After a commercial break, Aguilera made her decision. "It's so hard because I love you both," she said. "Honestly, I do have to go with Raquel." Castro moves on to the next round, while Eason was eliminated.

Watch Raquel Castro and Julia Eason Battle It Out on 'The Voice'