Both Miley Cyrus and Christina Aguilera have been known for their raunchy fashion choices. Miley rocked some revealing outfits on the Bangerz Tour, a concept familiar to Xtina, who has been known to wear some promiscuous styles in her day (though her style has become more demure in recent years). When the original 'Dirrty' girl herself stopped by Miley's L.A. show on Feb. 22, she noticed that Ms. Miley was rocking a familiar look: leather chaps with her name emblazoned on the leg, an ensemble that Christina was famous for in the early 2000s. Who do you think wore it best?

Christina gets points for being the originator of the trend, donning the butt-bearing chaps in the music video for her 2002 hit 'Dirrty.' While the pants are definitely racy, there is no denying that Xtina looks awesome in them, showing off her toned stomach and rear. The chaps also give the 5'2" singer the illusion of height, making it seem like her legs stretch on for miles. Hot!

Miley also looked red-hot in her red leather chaps, which, like Christina's, displayed her name in block letters on one leg and a varsity number on the other. The 'Wrecking Ball' singer decided to pair her ensemble with a black bra and sneakers, giving the overall look a more sporty and athletic vibe, which totally reminds us of Sporty Spice. Could Miley have been channeling two '90 pop stars with the leather chaps? Either way, she totally made them her own.

Who do you think rocks the leather chaps the best? Vote below!

Theo Wargo, Wire Image