Christina Aguilera is mixing work and play. That could work out in her favor or it could be a complete and total bust. The buxom singer, who saw her film 'Burlesque' bomb after her last album 'Bionic' did the same, is back to working on music. She has recruited her boyfriend of two years, Matthew Rutler, who was a production assistant on the set of 'Burlesque,' where he and Xtina met, to write songs.

Before you roll your eyes at the idea of a PA transforming into a songwriter by virtue of his relationship with a pop diva, a source told Just Jared, "Matt has come a long way from being a production assistant on Christina‘s movie 'Burlesque.' He’s now a songwriter, working on new tracks for her new album. People will be surprised by the sound they’ve put together."

While we understand the desire to be skeptical at the thought of Aguilera using her boyfriend to write songs on an album that needs to be good to secure her musical footing -- since her role as a 'The Voice' coach cannot carry the bulk of her career's weight -- perhaps Rutler was an undiscovered talent. Maybe it was serendipitous for them to get together and for his talents to emerge as a result?

Guess we'll have to wait and see... Or hear!