Ick! Christina Milian was well within her rights to call the health department after she dined at a restaurant in LA last week. The singer ordered a delicious Kobe beef salad at a Mexicali eatery in Studio City, only it wasn't as delicious as she had hoped. There was an unexpected, um, crouton of sorts in the form of a chewed gum. How gross!

TMZ reports that the petite singer/actress was halfway through her meal when she noticed a chewy substance in her mouth, something not befitting a salad. She spit out the wad of gum, which was now doubly chewed and promptly hit the ladies room to vomit. As a result, the establishment comped her meal.

That wasn't enough for Milian. Instead, she filed a complaint with the Department of Health in Los Angeles. A DOH rep confirmed the filing.

Milian told TMZ that she is so freaked out about the incident and is concerned for her health. "The most important thing to me is to make sure my health is okay. Ever since the incident I have not eaten out," she said. While eating in public always has its hazards, we can't say we blame Milian for being totally squeamish and freaked out by finding ALREADY BEEN CHEWED GUM in her salad! Ick times 10.