Christina Perri's lyric video for 'A Thousand Years' is easily one of the most romantic and visually stunning lyric videos to pop up on our monitors in quite some time.

Each image – the lush, green trees, juicy red apples, crisp white petals, blood-red satin sheets, and even the  old-fashioned chess board  -- on which the lyrics appear -- is weighty and fits the passionate vibe of the lyrics. Perri's honeyed voice soars and wraps itself around the listener like a warm, cozy hug from a good friend.

The clip is pastoral and steeped in nature. It begins with trees, ripe red apples and lyrics posted on wooden boards nailed to trees. It's a brilliant convention and feels like something you'd stumble upon as a kid while running through a field or the woods during those lazy summer days.

Later in the video, the lyrics are written on the white walls of a vintage house, as white rose petals drop around them. Again, it's as romantic as it gets. The words are also written on floorboards and then sheets of red satin, as well as a chess board.

This is one of those professional lyric videos that could easily take the place of an actual, fully produced music video. It's so romantic and warm and certainly gets the point across. Perri is expressing love in the lyrics, in her delivery and in her lyric video.

Yeah, we think we're going to love this lyric video for a thousand years.

Watch Christina Perri 'A Thousands Years' Lyric Video