Christina Perri has gotten naked. And no, not just on the cover art for her new single, 'Human.'

The song finds the singer laying her heart out there for the taking, which is pretty much her M.O. That lyrical honesty has lead to Perri becoming of the most exciting voices in pop music. She is not cloaking herself in mystery or trying to protect herself. She's all about speaking her heart and her mind on 'Human.'

For the most part, the song is built on Perri's voice, backed by some epic swirls and piano.

When she sings, "I'm only human / I bleed when I fall down" and "Your words in my head / Knives in my heart / You build me up / And then I fall apart," she goes deep enough to hit marrow. Dare we say it's a little less storyteller-like and just a wee bit more personal than the Queen of Confessional aka Taylor Swift? Perri and Swift are definitely kindred spirits in that they aren't afraid of specifics in terms of their lyrics.

All in all, 'Human' sounds like a song that could accompany a pivotal, integral scene in an animated feature that is meant to teach kids about growing up and about their own mortality. It has that sort of universal, broad, sweeping appeal.

Perry's voice is angelic, but she shows off a wider range than ever on 'Human.'

She may remind us that she's only human in the lyrics, but she sounds out of this world on 'Human.'

Listen to Christina Perri 'Human'