Before Christina Aguilera became a television personality, she was just floating in the music business as an artist. The singer had never dabbled in TV until she was approached by NBC, and says, "but when I was presented with the idea of becoming a part of 'The Voice,' the title itself actually really intrigued me." Not only that, but Xtina, a former teen pop icon, took a lot away from her experience that she says will influence her own music.

"We really put our all into our teams, and I thought it would be an amazing thing to almost bring up talent and be apart of going through someone else's journey while going through the next chapter of my life -- recording my album," Aguilera tells Rolling Stone of her unexpected experience on the hit show.

Aguilera had the opportunity to not only help aspiring singers, but take pieces away from her fellow coaches, Cee Lo, Adam Levine and country singer Blake Shelton. "What I love about the whole panel of judges/coaches/mentors is it's all bringing together musicians and artists that have toured for years, that have done massive arenas to stadiums to No. 1 songs and Grammys," she says. "[It brings together] people that are accomplished and very talented artists and individuals. Each from their own genre, too, so you're getting a little bit of everything all in one."

But even someone like Xtina, who is a seasoned artist, has been in the business for over a decade and likely has a whole room dedicated to her trophies and awards, still has room to grow. "I've even learned some things musically that I didn't know prior to going into the show," she admits.

Aguilera continues, "I went into this show, looking to have a great time, a laugh with the boys, and put my heart and soul into coaching amazing, raw talent and real vocalists … At the end of the day, it is nice that it's going to surface in my own music and on my own albums. I'm getting inspired every day from working with everybody, from the cast to the show, the other coaches, and of course my team. Team Xtina -- we're the best!"

The season finale of 'The Voice' airs tonight, June 29, at 9PM ET.

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