It's the 1980s all over again when the Canadian electro-funk duo Chromeo performed their latest single 'When the Night Falls' alongside Solange Knowles Nov. 8  on 'Late Night with Jimmy Fallon.' The Montreal-based musicians -- guitarist/vocalist Dave 1 and keyboardist P-Thugg -- garnered a lot of buzz this past summer with their bizarre video for the song, which featured the guys being chased by pregnant beauties.

Chromeo's performance on 'Jimmy Fallon' was certainly a homage to the motifs of the 1980s. The band had background singers dressed similar to the models in Robert Palmer's 1985 video 'Addicted to Love.' Guitarist Dave 1 was dressed like a French-version of Sony Crockett from the 1984 hit series 'Miami Vice,' and P-Thugg  sounded like a reincarnation of the late Roger Troutman with his use of the vocoder, a very popular instrument during the late '80s, particularly in gangsta rap.

Meanwhile, Solange Knowles looked oh-so stylish in her colorful pink and red suit, an obvious nod to the pastel colors that were popular in men's fashions in the 1980s. Her falsetto voice was also light as a feather as she sang the song's infectious chorus: "When the night falls, oh yeah ... make the right calls, oh yeah."

All and all, Chromeo and Knowles gave a totally awesome performance worthy of a trip back to 1985 in Marty McFly's Delorean from 'Back to the Future.' If you like the song you can find it on Chromeo's latest album 'Business Casual,' which is in stores now. Fer shure dude!

Watch Chromeo Performing 'When the Night Falls' Feat. Solange Knowles on 'Late Night with Jimmy Fallon'