With less than a week to go until Ciara releases her new album, Jackie, a track called “Dance Like We’re Making Love" just hit the internet!

In true Ciara fashion, it's a club-ready jam that makes us want to start dancing at our desks. Given the singer's fierce moves and willingness to push the envelope, it's no surprise that this sultry song completely embodies its provocative title.

"It’s really late / You’re getting closer and the lights off / Your body is in sync to the beat of my heart / And I can feel your nature rising wild and wild on you," she sings. "Let’s dance like we’re making love."

The steam factor is at an all-time high with this one, as Ciara confidently tells us what's what. We're pretty sure that whoever she sings this to will soon be putty in her hands.

“Dance Like We’re Making Love" was produced by Dr. Luke and his frequent co-producer Cirkut, and it's the latest song to surface from the singer's upcoming LP. Jackie is the singer's sixth studio album, the first full-length project since her 2013 self-titled release.

If “Dance Like We’re Making Love" and the lead single, "I Bet," are any indication, Jackie is full of self-empowering tracks. "I Bet" is a slowed-down breakup ballad. “I can take care of myself and I can find someone to do it too, baby / You actin’ like you upgrading me, I upgraded you,” Ciara asserts on the song. Message received.

You can listen to “Dance Like We’re Making Love" above!

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