Ciara took to Twitter, like most pop stars do, to release the track listing for her much-anticipated album, 'Ciara,' renamed from 'One Woman Army.' She started revealing song titles and track names on April 11 and continued to release information bit by bit until yesterday, when she opened the floodgates and just let all the details fly in the course of a couple hours.

While most stars will reveal their tracks in numerical order, Ciara showed off her brand new song titles in no particular order jumping from the opening track to the fourth track and then all those in between and after. She's Ciara and she'll reveal her track listing however she darn well pleases!

However, Ciara's first album in three years, doesn't have the feature-heavy aspect as many other R&B artits would. Nicki Minaj is featured on the opening track titled 'I'm Out,' and rapper Future will appear on a song titled 'Where You Go.' Other than that, it's Ciara all day!

Ciara, 'Ciara' Track Listing

1. 'I’m Out' feat. Nicki Minaj
2. 'Sophomore'
3. 'Body Party'
4. 'Keep On Lookin’'
5. 'Read My Lips'
6. 'Where You Go' Feat. Future
7. 'Super Turnt Up'
8. 'DUI'
9. 'Livin’ It Up'
10. 'Overdose'

Watch the Ciara 'Body Party' Lyric Video