Ciara's 'I Bet' is officially our favorite breakup slow jam of 2015 (so far).

The song, which dropped earlier today, Jan. 14, captures the complexities of a split. Finding that someone appears to be completely over you -- until you find someone better. Been there before? Us too. Luckily, Ciara went all Taylor Swift on us, finding the exact words to express the situation.

"I bet you start loving me / As soon as I start loving someone else / Somebody better than you," Ciara croons.

And in case you're worried that Ciara will go back to her ex, she's more than confident enough to say that's not going to happen. "I can take care of myself and I can find someone to do it too, baby / You actin' like you upgrading me, I upgraded you," she sings.

While the track isn't a dance-heavy banger, we love that Ciara shows off her silky smooth voice. You can listen to 'I Bet' in the video above!

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