Ciara may not be the first person that comes to mind when you consider which contemporary artists could do justice to a classic Rolling Stones song, but maybe she should be.

Ciara covered "Paint It Black" for the movie The Last Witch Hunter, and she puts a newfound, sinister spin on the rock song, taking that overt anger from the original and channeling it more subtly here -- Ciara sounds equal parts pissed off, wounded and in control. The song's slow build never quite reaches a crescendo, but you can still tell she's out for blood.

Speaking with Rolling Stone, Ciara admitted that she'd never previously considered covering "Paint It Black," but once the offer came along, she jumped at the opportunity. She said, "It was actually a surprise for me when I got the call from ABKO Publishing and Lionsgate. When they asked me to do this, I was like, 'Absolutely. This would be an honor.' I had never thought to cover this song. It was never on my radar to cover it, but when the opportunity came along, I was very thrilled, because I love what the producer Adrianne Gonzales did."

She continued, saying, "The direction that she went in was actually a sound I've always wanted to play with, and it just didn't get any better than being able to cover a Rolling Stones song. I feel like it pushes the edge and the limit for me, in reference to what people probably expect from me. So this was so many cool things in one. It was a huge honor, and then creatively I just got to really have some fun that I don't usually do in my music."

Listen to Ciara's version of "Paint It Black" above.

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