Ciara is back in a big way, and she's begging for an apology with her video for 'Sorry,' in which she tries explaining to a really stubborn guy that she wants it to work -- but he has to put in work first.

Ciara opens the video looking distraught alone on a couch as her boyfriend looks on. The living room footage is spliced with shots of Ciara solo in a car, sporting a hoodie and looking like she's about to cry. The stunning singer looks gorgeous even when she's miserable -- no small feat.

There are also shots that gentlemen in particular will appreciate: Ciara sporting a lowcut, strappy top and dancing her heart out in the sun, and especially of Ciara pontificating in a bathtub. Ow ow! She's begging a dude just to apologize so they can make their relationship right, and if anyone turns up the shot to be with someone who looks this good while depressed, she's better off without him.

Ciara's video ex knows what he's missing, though, as he plays back footage of their relaysh on a projector, likely realizing immediately that he's dumb to pass up the best dancer in the game. It's enough to make anyone shed a tear -- just like she does at the clip's conclusion. Dude, just apologize already!