Canadian-born singer-songwriter Dallas Green, who records under the moniker City and Colour, released his fifth album If I Should Go Before You back in October. His most recent single from the album—his third overall—is "Lover Come Back," which was released prior to the album in September.

It's been three months since "Lover Come Back" got the single treatment for it to get a proper music video, but rest easy: It's finally here.

The video features two men walking through parts of town that seem a bit worse for wear as Green sings the opening lines, "Bound for trouble from the start / I've been walking through this old world in the dark."

Both men soon find themselves prime spots to perform some pretty fantastic ballet/dance routines: an abandoned theater, a lush field of greens, and an outdoor service garage.

By the second verse, the video's intention seems to take on a different meaning. It's not just about love; it's about social misconceptions and conditions that prevent people from doing what they love, from becoming who they want to be. "I'll never be as good as I'd like to be," Green sings. "Eternally restless refusing to believe."

The video finishes strong as both men complete their respective dance routines, including portions in front of some burning ground and in the dirt—both very beautiful and visceral scenes. It ends with the abandoned theater dancer taking a bow, not to the "audience" but to the pile of metal and rubble behind him. Watch above.

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