Well, she wasn't lyin'.

As previously teased while performing at her concert in Jakarta, 2NE1's "Baddest Female" CL officially launched the campaign for her U.S. English-language debut TODAY (August 18) with the release of "Lifted."

Earlier this morning, the "Hello Bitches" superstar shared that "Lifted" was produced by South Korean-born American rapper and producer Teddy Park (2NE1, Big Bang) and features herself, Teddy and hip-hop artist Asher Roth as songwriters.

"Hey you, get off my cloud / You don't know me and you don't know my style," she cockily declares in the hip-hop track's opening moments. Sound familiar? That's because it heavily samples "Method Man" by the Wu-Tang Clan (to the point of being a near cover). Oh, and the Dave Meyers-directed music video was shot in the Bronx and features a cameo by — you guessed it! — Method Man.

Watch the video for "Lifted" above. Is this the track that'll secure some crossover success for CL stateside, or does it miss the mark following the hype of cuts like "Hello Bitches," "Dirty Vibe" and "MTBD"? Unfortunately, we're leaning towards the latter...

See CL's tweets below:

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