Today, February 26 (which is tomorrow here in New York, but today in South Korea, because timezones) is a very special day: It's the day of birth of The Baddest Female — the gizibe herself, CL.

The 2NE1 titan and solo superstar (with plans to conquer North America shortly) is celebrating her 25th birthday today, and her loyal fans have been overwhelming social media with sweet birthday messages dedicated to the multi-talented sensation. In fact, #CLis25andFab is trending worldwide at the moment.

And so, we thought we'd take the opportunity to join in on the #CLis25andFab celebration with a round-up of just some of the many gorgeous photos CL has blessed us with over the years on her Instagram — because not only is she a talented dancer, singer and rapper, but she just happens to be drop dead gorgeous, too.

Scroll through the gallery above, watch a few of her most killer performances below, and prepare accordingly for her world domination in 2016.

All hail Queen CL.