Classified is a pretty well-known name up in the Great White North, but now the Canadian rapper is ready to make his breakthrough in the States.

His latest hit 'Inner Ninja' provides him with the perfect launching pad, as the hip-pop tune has a great message, a breezy, guitar-driven beat, and a hook (delivered by featured artist, David Myles) that is sure to stick in your head for days... heck, maybe even weeks or months!

In this exclusive video, you can get up close and personal with Classified and David Myles as the duo perform their collaborative track 'Inner Ninja.' Myles had his guitar and really cool mini amp in tow for the performance, and you can just feel the awesome chemistry between these two guys as they trade off vocal duty between the verses and refrains. It's amazing how different their sounds are, but how well they come together on 'Inner Ninja.'

BTW: Classified, real name Luke Boyd, also shared that his young daughters love to jam out to 'Inner Ninja' while driving around with their dad, so much so that he's beginning to grow tired of family car trips! Can't blame them for loving a ditty as catchy as this one, though!

Check out Classified and David Myles' exclusive performance of 'Inner Ninja' above, and learn more about the rapper by clicking on the button below.