If you're a devout follower of The Voice, you'll already recognize Clinton Washington, who clawed his way through the battle rounds and knockout rounds on Season 8 of the talent competition earlier this year.

Fast forward a few months later, and the singer — who's kept up with fans through his YouTube channel full of covers — is now preparing to release his debut EP Clinton on November 20. Ahead of the EP release, Washington dropped his latest single "Heart Beats Loud," a pulsating exploration of the idea of losing himself in the club scene.

"I wanted to write an uptempo, emotional song with heavy beat influences. When I was developing the idea, I felt like the best scene for this type of song was a New York dance club. It was the perfect setting to develop the song's lyrics and overall mood," he tells PopCrush. "I'm constantly inspired by those around me - those I know and those I don't know. Love seems to permeate every person's experiences, and seeing people live and act on those emotions is powerful. For this song, I took in my surroundings in New York. We've all been there - whether ourselves or vicariously through friend - we've lived the moment of meeting and connecting with a complete stranger."

To further illustrate the city-inspired theme of the tune, Clinton dove into the NYC streets and recreated elements of the club scene for his accompanying visual, which we're happy to premiere today on PopCrush.

"The video is a representation of my introduction into this space and vibe. It is a song about love, attraction, and that raw emotion that makes you lose yourself a bit," he explains.

"I wanted to act out all of those in a minimal format. While writing the melody and lyrics to 'Hearts Beat Loud,' I put myself into the New York club scene - the initial eye contact, the eventual cross-club movement, the approach, all of it. Just step-by-step, exactly what I've experienced and what those around me experience."

Get lost in the flashing lights with Clinton in the video for "Heart Beats Loud" above.