Contrary to rumors, Whitney Houston was not scheduled to open Clive Davis' annual pre-Grammy gala last night (Feb. 11.) Despite her tragic and untimely death at 48, the show went on as planned.

Some fans might be shocked and appalled and consider it callous that the event, which was held at the Beverly Hilton (where Houston was found unresponsive yesterday afternoon), was not cancelled in the wake of her passing. However, the singer's family gave their blessing, saying that's how she would have wanted things to go.

Davis, the man who signed Houston to Arista and who guided her throughout her career, asked for a moment of silence and dedicated the evening to the late 'The Greatest Love of All' singer, per the Grammys official Twitter feed.

The music industry vet even acknowledged that Houston would have condoned the event taking place as planned. He said, "Whitney would have asked that the music go on. And her family said the show should go on."

Davis praised his Houston was "so full of life. She was so looking forward to tonight. She was not at all scheduled to perform." He also proclaimed, "Whitney would have wanted the night to go on! Her family wanted the night to go on. Now let the music begin."

Other Houston-centric tweets poured into the fed. Diddy posted: "If we truly believe in God than we should celebrate the life of Whitney Houston tonight." Fergie tweeted, " Whitney was a vocal idol for me as a young girl. I am so sad."

While it is incredibly soon to continue with festivities as planned, fans should have faith that those who knew her best, especially Clive Davis, are acting in celebration of her memory and as she would have wished.