Dot-Marie Jones, aka Coach Beiste on 'Glee,' isn't positive she'll be back for Season 3 of the hit FOX show this fall. If given the option, though, she says she'd happily fill the role for the rest of her life.

CNN's Marquee Blog caught up with the 20-year acting vet, who lent a hand to Ryan Murphy's unaired 'Nip/Tuck' pilot before packing her bags for McKinley High. While Jones says she'd love to coach at the fictional high school forever, she does have some back-up plans lined up. "I love what I'm doing on 'Glee' -- I'd like to be on it forever," she admits. "In my off time, if it works out, I'd love to do more movies and also other guest spots on shows that I love. I've always wanted to be on 'Sons of Anarchy' to play Ron Perlman's sister because I love motorcycles, and I love riding."

What drew the admittedly different, often picked on actress to the 'Glee' set initially was the show's ability to teach valuable lessons to viewers of all ages. "There's at least one lesson in every show where people can learn. I don't even like the word "accepting" because who the hell is anybody to accept [anyone else]?" Jones insists. "I don't like that word at all. I don't like tolerant, either, because to me that means you're putting up with something that you don't like -- you're tolerating it."

She continues, "I love the show and I love the messages it gives. It's a 'people are people, get your head out of your ass' type of deal. And for those that don't like it or don't watch it, they're missing out."

If Jones-Beiste had her way, she'd take Will's spot as the New Directions glee club coach for a day. "I'd like to do an episode -- this is a dream of mine for the show -- where I'm the substitute for the glee club for a day, like Matthew Morrison has to go do something, or some type of conflict where we think the other one has the best, easiest job," she admits.

Though, that may be a problem, given that Beiste admits to having a favorite student -- Santana. "The storyline I was surprised about was Naya Rivera's Santana. I love the episode where she's telling Brittany that she's in love with her and she starts crying -- I don't know, it was just really a beautiful scene," she spills. "It was great for Naya -- Naya's got an incredible voice. All those kids are so gifted and talented."

Then of course there's everyone's least favorite character, the ever-evil Sue. Jones -- who holds 15 arm wrestling world titles, according to the Marquee Blog -- says that if she could take on anyone, it'd be Sylvester herself. "I'd definitely have to arm wrestle Jane [Lynch] -- that would just be hilarious. I don't know -- her character's so mean, she'd probably bite me so she'd win," she says. "I love her. She's great. She's like an acting class everyday. And she's fun, it's easy and it was totally comfortable from the beginning, as it was with all the kids."

We can't wait to see what Ryan Murphy has in store for Season 3 of 'Glee.' Though we know (sadly) that it won't include Chord Overstreet or Charice, we hope there's room for Coach Beiste in the lineup.

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