The witty new Cobra Starship song 'Fool Like Me' has been given an equally lighthearted lyric video featuring video projectors in an urban landscape.

The 'Fool Like Me' clip seems to break new ground in the realm of lyric videos by featuring actual footage of outdoor scenes at night, with video projectors used to display the lyrics on walls, video screens, overturned couches and even passing vehicles.

Frontman Gabe Saporta sings about being a complete dope who still manages to get the girl: "Remember that time I blew your mailbox up? / I was just kidding about that / I'm sorry that I hit your dog with my bike / But he's still got three legs / He's gonna be just fine."

French indie band the Plastiscines play the role of the inner monologue of the girls' friends as they harmonize on the pre-chorus, "Oh my God, how can she be with him? / Oh my God, leave his a--."

As footage of stoplights, fruit markets and an abandoned alley appear, Saporta sings, "I know that I'm a grown-a-- man who still acts like an idiot / But Lord, he must have been in a good mood the day he let a girl like you choose to take a fool like me."

'Fool Like Me' will appear on 'Night Shades,' the band's fourth album, which also includes 'You Make Me Feel...' and '#1Nite.'

Watch the Cobra Starship Lyric Video for 'Fool Like Me'