The 2011 MTV Video Music Awards don't kick off until 9PM ET, but Cobra Starship got their chance to shine during the pre-show black carpet event. The synthpop band, joined by their songmate Sabi, rocked the crowd with a performance of their 'You Make Me Feel...' single, from 'Night Shades,' which (not so) coincidentally, drops on Aug. 29.

Lead singer Gabe Saporta and Sabi, who got her big break on Britney Spears' '(Drop Dead) Beautiful,’ danced down the darker-than-normal indoor carpet, shaking hands and greeting celebrity guests while exchanging lines on the pumped-up track.

Eventually, the pair found their way to a white platform stage, reunited with the rest of the Starship band, who laid down the instrumentation. The strobe lights flashing against Sabi's shiny pants gave the performance a true nightclub feel -- fitting, since this year's awards show 'red' carpet is actually coming at you live from indoors.

Watch Cobra Starship Perform 'You Make Me Feel...' at the 2011 MTV VMAs