Cody Simpson's love of his ever-growing group of fans, which he calls his "angels," is out of this world. To show his appreciation, the 14-year-old Aussie pop singer unleashed an appropriate new track, 'Angel,' just for them via his Twitter page. The song appears on Simpson's new 'Coast to Coast' EP, which doesn't hit officially until September 20.

"My angel, how'd you get to be so fly? / How'd you get to shine so bright, girl? / How'd you get to look like that? / Heaven don't you call her back," the teen pop icon sings in the intro, sounding rather angelic himself.

We were sucked in from the first line, but as the song picks up more and more, we fall harder and harder for Cody's sound. "Halo, halo / I'm not saying hi, baby there's a ring above your head / And it shines so bright in the sunlight, in the sunlight / Halo, halo / This is like a dream, every bit of you, it makes me weak / How did I get here? In the sunlight, in the sun," he sings in the first peppy verse.

By the chorus, the song really gains speed, and Cody relinquishes all control as he sings, "I must be in heaven / Cause I'm looking at an angel who's staring back at me / Her eyes so heavenly / I must be in heaven / Cause I'm looking at an angel / There's no one on this earth that's made this beautiful / I must be in heaven."

The track boasts very little as far as post-production goes, with only Cody's sweet voice and some beachy guitar licks filling the song. While this is different from his former dancey-pop releases, it certainly stays true to his acoustic roots and gives us that summery beach feeling.

If 'Angel' is any indication of the 'Coast to Coast' EP, and where the young singer is headed in general, consider us aboard the ship.

Listen to Cody Simpson, 'Angel'