While girls across the globe have their eyes set on Cody Simpson, his peepers are fixed on someone else. The 14-year-old 'Not Just You' hitmaker admits that he's a bit of a fanboy for Justin Timberlake and aspires to be just like him.

"He has such a sophisticated presence," Cody said of the former 'N Sync superstar. "I watched his FutureSex/LoveSounds tour, and it's something you really get inspired by. He does so much in the show: He plays piano and guitar and he just is always singing. He sounds amazing live and he dances great. He's just an all-around entertainer." He added, "That's something I want to strive to be. It's always good to have someone you want to be like."

Cody even offered Justin the ultimate compliment, comparing his own forthcoming debut album to that of the singer's past works. "I'd call it a Justin Timberlake mixed with Jack Johnson sort of vibe," he spilled to MTV News. "There's a bunch of songs on there that are sort of like that."

But the 'iYiYi' Aussie isn't the only teenage heartthrob looking to go Timberlake-status with his new album -- another Justin, the notorious Justin Bieber, also cited the 'Sexy Back' singer as an inspiration:

"I'm trying to create a new sound that people aren't really used to hearing, so it might sound weird at first, but it's going to be like when Justin Timberlake did 'FutureSex/LoveSounds': It was a new sound ... Acoustic guitar over hard drums," The Biebs revealed. "I want to find something that's going to suit me and my fans are going to love and older people will like and younger people will like."

Both Cody Simpson and Justin Bieber will drop studio albums next year, though it will be the first full-length release for Cody. "It's not just music that you'll like if you know who I am and if you're a fan of mine," Simpson said of his premiere release. "I think there is something on there you'll enjoy no matter if you know that I'm a 14-year-old kid or not. I think it's just really genuinely like great music. I'm very excited we finally got to put it out and I'm very proud. Lots of work went into it."