Cody Simpson released a cover of the massive Bob Marley hit, "No Woman No Cry," and we're seriously loving his new, laid-back sound. We're not gonna lie -- it's pretty tough to take on a song as iconic as Marley's "No Woman No Cry," but Cody certainly does it justice. From his stellar vocals to his fantastic guitar playing, you can tell that this is the genre Cody feels most at home in, and we are totally onboard.

We had a chance to speak with Cody last year and he told us all about his love for Bob Marley, as well as his collaboration on the song, "Love," with Marley's son, Ziggy. He told us, "I love reggae music …. I love Bob Marley, I love reggae music in general. I had gotten this idea that I’d love to have a reggae artist on this, just to add that certain flavor to it that you can’t get anywhere else, if he’d be down for it. We reached out to Ziggy and he was down to do it and we put together a really cool, simple song, but it’s feel-good."

He also told us that he loves the Marley track, "Stir It Up," so we're definitely hoping for a cover of that one in the near future!

Cody also recently released an acoustic version of his new song "New Problems," which has been on repeat for us pretty much from the second we first hit play.

Be sure to check out Cody's video of "No Woman No Cry" above!

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