It feels like Cody Simpson has been around forever, but he was only discovered on YouTube in 2009 -- and his debut album, 'Paradise,' only just came out on Oct. 2. And no one is more excited about that than Cody himself, especially since it hit No. 1 on the iTunes pop charts!

"I just saw that on my iTunes," Simpson gushed to MTV News. "It's insane to have a first album, the first morning of it coming out, it's insane. I wouldn't be here at all without my fans, and the fact that I'm only 15 years old, it feels amazing."

Simpson revealed that a lot of 'Paradise' is inspired by his Australian upbringing. "I worked hard on giving my fans and giving the world a big piece of myself through the music," he said. "I obviously wanted an element of an awesome pop sound. I have a couple dance tracks on there, but I also wanted to incorporate a lot of myself and I wanted it to be unique."

He's even letting fans choose the next single via his interactive YouTube film, 'Finding Cody' -- so far the options are the title track, 'Paradise,' and 'Be the One.' But don't ask Cody to pick a favorite! "I'm pretty focused on 'Wish U Were Here,' but it's definitely one of those two," he said. "Honestly, I'd like to give my fans the decision, ask them which song they like the best and see what their reaction is. If it's 'Be the One,' cool. If it's 'Paradise,' cool."

It took a while for 'Paradise' to come, but now that he's reached it, Simpson is reflective on his labors. "It's finally come after a couple of EPs and a lot of music. It feels awesome to have the album finally come out, and it's doing amazing so far. There are so many people that are loving it right now, which is awesome. To have all my hard work pay off is amazing."