Cody Simpson may have been booted from 'Dancing With the Stars' prematurely, but the Aussie pop star still shows off his fancy footwork and exudes some scorching, extreme heat with his real-life girlfriend Gigi Hadid in his video for his new single 'Surfboard.'

The song marks a sonic change for the singer, who was previously known for his warm and sunny acoustic tracks. He also presents himself as a teen idol and a heartthrob in several parts of this video.

He dances, he runs his fingers lovingly all over his surfboard and he gets all kinds of romantic with the supremely sexy Hadid, who makes her presence known in a low-cut, white bathing suit while she bumps and grinds on her man. Their real-life chemistry is palpable as they play their parts in the video.

But you can tell that they are totally into one another with how they look at and touch one another.

Simpson splashes around in water and is the teen idol on a TV at one point, too. We effectively see all sides of Cody Simpson in the space of a few minutes.

Overall, the video is certainly a harbinger of the upcoming summer, warm days, big waves and beach days. And, of course, summer romance!