Jessica Jarrell is making her imprint on the scene and she's not holding back any ounce of confidence. In her new track 'Make it Hot,' the young diva teams up with her famous friend Cody Simpson to prove that she's not backing down until she gets what she wants.

"I'm bad, yeah I said it / I'm bad, don't you forget it / The way I walk, that's me / The way I talk, that's me / The way I got my hair up, don't you forget that's me / And the voice in your speakers right now, that's me," Jarrell sings, rather cockily, in an early verse.

Later, she adds that if you give it to her right, she's going to take it, which is pretty promiscuous for a 17-year-old and her just under 15-year-old friend, Cody.

The 'iYiYi' hitmaker gets his chance to shine a ways into the song, providing some Drake-like vocals and showing off his newfound deep chords. "Okay, look, I'm honest / Girl, I can't lie, I want ya / You and the music are the only things that I commit to," he spurts at the lead-in to his own verse, which becomes slurred and nonsensical pretty quickly. While we're not surprised that this one lends our ears to many Drake similarities, as it is a re-imagined version of his 'Shot for Me' hit, it's pretty spooky just how much Simpson sounds like him.

Listen to Jessica Jarrell, 'Make it Hot' Feat. Cody Simpson