We're seriously obsessed with Cody Simpson's new sound. His new stuff has more of a mature, guitar-driven singer-songwriter feel than his older work, which makes sense when you consider the fact that he's, you know, growing up. Most artists tend to evolve lest they fade away, and so far, Cody, we're on board. When he decided to release a new song called "New Problems," via an acoustic video posted on his Facebook page, we were totally excited.

The song, which Cody first debuted during his We Day California performance yesterday (Feb. 26), starts off with a Jack Johnson-esque guitar intro before heading straight into his laid-back vocals. The whole video is shot in black-and-white, with a few candles lining the steps of a ladder almost out of frame on the right. The video is simple, which does a fantastic job highlighting Cody's vocals and guitar work as well as the lyrics of the song.

The lyrics talk about ending a relationship where he was putting in all the work with Cody singing, "You used to say / That all it takes is a dollar and a daydream / But now you do / You do anything to deflate me / When you were down / And when you cried / Who was there / Right by your side baby? / But now I'm out the door / Won't waste no time thinking about you anymore / Cuz I got new girls and new problems."

Check out the video of Cody singing "New Problems" acoustic above!

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