Cody Simpson is hurting. He did something wrong and his girlfriend broke it off, which has him in a tizzy trying to get her back in his latest single, 'Not Just You.'

"Darling," Cody starts off, hoping to gain a few brownie points for sweetness. Unfortunately, his attempt is a sad break-up song, but really, this track is full of cheese.

In the chorus, the 14-year-old Aussie belts, "Baby it's not you / You know it hurts me too / Watching you leave / With tears on your sleeve / Don't you notice that mine aren't exactly dry / Baby it's not just you that's hurting / It's me too."

While of course we feel for him, because break-ups are never easy, dare we say that this one just doesn't feel all that genuine. The words are there, but the emotion isn't -- and come on, what girl would break it off with Cody Simpson? Hello, he's a surfer! With an Australian accent!

Nevertheless, Cody definitely knows how to pick songs that will melt the hearts of his young female fans, and 'Not Just You' is no different. We dig a guy who plays to his fans, and commend Cody for truly knowing what the ladies want.

Big Simpsonites should be on the lookout for the 'Not Just You' music video soon. Cody tweeted Friday that he was heading to Venice Beach to shoot it, and by the end of the weekend, he was spouting his excitement all over his fans. For now, we'll just have to settle for the brand spankin' new 'Coast to Coast' EP, which drops Sept. 20.

Watch the Lyric Video to for Cody Simpson, 'Not Just You'