Cody Simpson will hit the mall and dance the day away in the new music video for his single, 'On My Mind.' Though the full vid won't show its face until June 17, the 14-year-old 'iYiYi' singer was gracious enough to give fans a sneak peek behind the scenes during the filming stages.

The premise is that Cody finds a picture in the mall of the most gorgeous girl he's ever laid eyes on, and throughout the song, he's hard at work trying to locate her -- though he takes frequent dance breaks and stops a lot of teenage girls who don't really resemble the one he's after. Ninety percent of the scenes were shot inside the mall, but there are some awesome night clips from the famous Los Angeles theater the Orpheum in there, too.

The coolest part of the video? Cody's dream girl is played by Hailey Baldwin, daughter of the famous actor and youngest Baldwin brother, Stephen Baldwin. Spoiler alert! "He's running around the mall looking for me, but he doesn't find me in the mall," the Baldwin teen says. "But he finds me later on." Phew! We're just relieved that our favorite blond-haired Aussie pop star at least finds his girl in the end.

We're stoked for this video, because nothing is better than shopping and dancing teens, young love, and super hipster clothing. As for how things will play out between the teenage couple, we'll have to wait and see. We're rooting for you, Cody!

Cody Simpson's 'On My Mind' music video premieres in full on June 17 at

See Behind the Scenes of Cody Simpson's 'On My Mind' Video