Tow-headed teen superstar Cody Simpson showed his support for PETA (in addition to promoting his new EP and forthcoming full-length) in his poster  campaign for the animal rights organization. The Aussie sensation posed while cradling his adorbs white canine, a Maltese aptly named Buddy, in his arms and flashing a smile. The poster boasts the tag "Make Your Animals' Life Paradise.'

Looking as cute as ever, Simpson is sending the message that it's crucial and critical to treat your pets like you would your BFF, since, after all, that's truly what they are.

Simpson's new five-song EP, 'Preview to Paradise,' dropped this week, and it's a precursor to the full-length 'Paradise,' which is set to drop in October. As such, Simpson is able to show his love and support for our furry, four-legged friends and promote his release in one fell swoop. It's smart and compassionate marketing all rolled into one poster that his fans will want to hang on their walls. Let's hope the image inspires them to show their love to all creatures, too.

In the video chat for PETA, Simpson, who says a pet is like another member of the family, urges, "Never leave your dog in a hot car ... it's important to speak up if you ever come across a situation like that or see it in public. Tell your parent or tell an adult you trust. I wouldn't leave the situation until it's been resolved and everything's OK."

We love how he spoke directly to his young fanbase there, telling them to make sure they alert an adult if they encounter any sort of animal abuse. Again, nice work Cody, on both compassionate and promotional levels.

Watch Cody Simpson PETA Video