Cody Simpson becomes infatuated with a Polaroid of a cute girl and searches a shopping mall from end to end to find her in his new 'On My Mind' video.

Simpson enters the mall to meet his friends and soon finds a Polaroid on the ground showing the face of an adorable girl, with whom the singer becomes obsessed. In stalker-ish fashion, Cody walks up to every girl he passes in the mall and invades their personal space, holding up the photo to their face to see if he's found a match.

At this point, you might expect security to come and haul away the 14-year-old away for scaring his fellow patrons. But he soon softens his tactics, approaching groups of shoppers with the photo and asking if they recognize the girl.

Simpson still has no luck; So, between dance breaks, he heads into the electronics store and uses a camera to record a video in which he begs for the chance to love the unknown girl, holding up a sign asking her to meet him at 9:30 at the theater. After hacking into the mall's server, his video gets played on every television in the building.

Finally, it's a happy ending as Simpson waits outside the theater, where the Polaroid-wielding object of his affection shows up just in time. The two hold hands and head in to catch a movie as the clip ends.

Cody had fun shooting the video, as shown in behind-the-scenes footage from the video shoot. 'On My Mind' is the latest single for the Aussie star, who released the EP '4 U' in December and continues working on a full-length album.

Watch Cody Simpson's 'On My Mind' Video