In 2012, social media stats are critical and crucial to a pop star's survival. It's a truly viral way to reach people and increase your fans in exponential fashion.

Aussie singer Cody Simpson was so hot on grabbing a million followers on Instagram that he promised fans that he would share a shirtless photo of himself once he reached the milestone. And boy did he deliver.

His fans answered the call and more people followed him. Once he hit a milli, he was true to his word, posting a seriously buff photo of himself. He looks like he could have starred in 'Fight Club' with those six pack abs.

He captioned the sexy photo with "a promise is a promise. #1millionfollowers."

So we learned two things about the 'Got Me Good' singer. The first is that he has a bangin' bod and is in fit, incredible shape. Like wow. We are bowled over by how good he looks. The second is that when he makes a promise, he keeps it. Those are two qualities we look for in a stand up dude.

So all the singer's fans got to enjoy a shirtless shot of their hero.

Lookin' good Cody!

Watch the Cody Simpson 'Got Me Good' Video