Cody Simpson and Austin Mahone have a lot in common. Both of the fellows are teenaged singers who crank out sweet love songs that make their female fans swoon.

They can both play guitar, they've both collaborated with Flo Rida, they both have cute little names (Cody's Angels and Austin's Mahomies) for their fan bases, and they are both ridiculously adorable.

However, the same cannot be said for their latest music video efforts, which are actually quite different, but still a bit similar when you break things down. The question is, which music video is your favorite? Cody Simpson's chilled-out pool party in 'Pretty Brown Eyes,' or Austin Mahone's dazzling light spectacle in 'Say You're Just a Friend'?

Simpson just dropped the clip for 'Pretty Brown Eyes' in April 2013, and the fun, beachy theme reflects some of Cody's favorite things: Swimming, dancing, Capri Sun, pretty girls, and great friends. G-times are had by all in the uplifting clip, which has some cute animation worked in as a shirtless (and mighty buff) Simpson floats along on his pool raft with two bikini-clad gals, later busting a move trying to impress one particular girl, the one with the "pretty brown eyes."

On the other hand, Austin Mahone reminds us of a mini Justin Timberlake circa 'Rock That Body,' as he dances around a dark set illuminated by massive, bright light boards. Blues, reds, greens and whites flash as Mahone shows off his charisma up close, and his amazing choreography during the further shots. When he isn't belting the verses of he reinterpreted Biz Markie tune or grooving with his crew, Mahone is trying to woo a girl, the one who "says he's just a friend."

So, which video are you feeling more? Vote for Cody's 'Pretty Brown Eyes' or Austin's 'Say You're Just a Friend' below.

Watch the Cody Simpson 'Pretty Brown Eyes' Video

Watch the Austin Mahone 'Say You're Just a Friend' Video Feat. Flo Rida