Cody Simpson and Austin Mahone are both good candidates for PopCrush's Prom King, seeing as they are both old enough to be in high school. We certainly didn't want to make this decision easy on the readers, so we decided to pit these two teenaged heartthrobs against each other in our battle for 2013's Prom King.

Cody Simpson just finished up supporting Justin Bieber on his European tour and will soon set out on his headlining Paradise tour in the U.S. The Aussie (hot accent included) is a perfect gentleman who is more than capable of winning the Prom King crown with the help of his Angels. He could even serenade his potential Prom Queen with his new single 'Pretty Brown Eyes.' Are you weak in the knees yet?

We would imagine Austin Mahone would be one popular kid at school, as well. He can sing, he can dance and how can you ignore that million dollar smile? Mahone is arm candy in every sense of the term. Who knows, maybe his buddy Flo Rida will rock the prom? We smell an impromptu performance of 'Just a Friend.' That should grab your vote alone!

So who is Prom King-worthy -- Cody Simpson or Austin Mahone? Vote for who you want to be in the running for this year's PopCrush Prom King below. This poll will close on Saturday, May 4, at 11:59 PM ET, and the winner will go on to compete in Round 2 with three other fellows.