UPDATE: Cody Simpson won this round of Pop Clash! Vote for the next Pop Clash, Cody Simpson vs. the Vamps, here.

In an eleventh hour push from his Simpsonizers, Cody Simpson pulled ahead to claim the Pop Clash title from Kylie Minogue. Now, the singer's 'Love' moves on to go against Coldplay's new single, 'Magic.' Which song should win this week's Pop Clash?

Cody Simpson's 'Love' is a perfect, understated romantic track. The song challenges the notion that two young people can't be completely smitten. Awww! Cody rightfully points out that love can make a person do crazy things -- but that there's nothing like giving your heart to someone.

Coldplay's new single, 'Magic,' calls to mind the band's early tracks. The steady rhythm, layered with Chris Martin's signature vocals, is Coldplay perfection. Like Cody's track, this song is an understated way of describing what it's like to fall head over heels for someone. So sweet!

Which song should win this week's Pop Clash? Vote for Cody or Coldplay once an hour until the polls close at 3PM ET on March 10.

Watch Cody Simpson, 'Love' Feat. Ziggy Marley

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