Are you guys ready for more Cody Simpson?! Good! Because the 15-year-old Australian cutie has finally released the video for his highly anticipated single 'Wish You Were Here,' and you can now spend the rest of your summer vacation watching and re-watching on YouTube.

Instead of taking a corny route featuring a lovey-dovey relationship, Simpson opts for a different way to show the world that he wishes his girl was around. The video opens on a tour bus and features behind the scenes looks at Simpson as he prepares for his tour, doing sound checks, playing his guitar on a hotel bed, and being woken up from his sleep on his tour bus.

"I wish you were here / Yeah, I wish you were here / Music is better and lights are brighter when you are near / Am I making it clear? / The music is better / And right now I just wish you were here," croons the singer during the chorus, so obviously longing for his lady love to join him on his tour around the country. Is it weird for us to wish we were there too? Yea, okay maybe a little.

The song sounds like a more uptempo version of another summer hit, 'Good Time' by Carly Rae Jepsen and Owl City, and the beat alone will get your toes tapping on the floor. But perhaps the most surprising (and exciting) part of the video is when Becky G. appears at the 2:12 mark, rapping her verse, bringing a new look and sound to the song that's very much appreciated.

Excuse us while we play the track again...