Warning: Coldplay's new 'Every Teardrop Is a Waterfall' video might make you dizzy, but it's worth the ride. Watch as Chris Martin and the gang paint the town with colorful neon paint and go under a blacklight, all in complete stop-motion action.

From the get-go, we know this video is going to be beautiful and full of color. Like the single art that the band teased last month, this video holds true to the inspiration of the forgotten decade filled with spray paint taggings and abandoned warehouses. The music starts as the sun is coming up, quickly, over a big city skyline, which quickly becomes a paint drawn version of the same scape on a brick wall. The quick action painting, without an artist in sight, sets the mood for the rest of the video, which features a slew of bright taggings straight out of the '80s.

Martin, with his neon-accented outfit, is kicking it old school, too. He pops up just a few seconds in, singing the words to 'Every Teardrop' as the lyrics skillfully arrange themselves on the abandoned wall behind him, pictures included. The paint splatter creates a trail for the Coldplay frontman and his bandmates to follow, and when they oblige, they find themselves under a black light.

The neon colors, and Martin's dance moves, are especially captivating in the darkness, and though the singer holds a poker face throughout the duration of the video, it's easy to tell he's enjoying himself. The band finds their way into the light of day once again, but as the song escalates, so does the vibrancy ... And the dancing.

We love the colorful vibe of this new single, which appears as the title track of the band's new three-song EP! Like the song? The single is available for purchase by itself here.

Watch the New Coldplay 'Every Teardrop Is a Waterfall' Video