TiVo/DVR alert!

VH1 and Palladia will air Coldplay's much-buzzed-about and not-to-be-missed Glastonbury Festival performance on Saturday, June 25 at 10PM ET/PT. The partnership represents history-in-the-making, since it is the very first time in the 41-year history of Glastonbury -- an English music fest featuring the "Who's Who" of popular music both domestic and abroad -- where a full concert will be broadcast to US television audiences.

Via this broadcast, American Coldplay fans will feel like they are rocking out at Glastonbury. So if you couldn't afford to hop a plane to England, or couldn't get the time off from work or other obligations in order to take in Coldplay's set, you can enjoy it from the comforts of your living room. Grab some popcorn, some brews, your fellow Coldplay fans and camp out on the couch to enjoy their set.

The set is said to include all of the fan-favorite Coldplay classics, as well as the band's brand new single, 'Every Teardrop Is a Waterfall.' The band even released the new single in anticipation of their summer festival appearances. What generous chaps those Coldplay blokes are.

Listen to Coldplay, 'Every Teardrop Is a Waterfall'