Starfish. That's the name Coldplay went by for their first gig. The band admitted this early and unfortunate moniker during the CBS Sunday Profile, joking that they joined the band since no girls were sexually attracted to them! Oh, those cheeky Brits. No wonder Gwyneth Paltrow married singer Chris Martin! He's talented, attractive and funny.

The band members said that they choose the name Starfish "out of absolute necessity. We had an hour before the first gig to come up with it." By the second gig, their name was "The Coldplay." The group joked that they had long meetings about their name, but they eventually dropped the "the" and the rest is history.

In this revealing interview, Martin doesn't speak about his Oscar-winning wife, shying away from the discussion if only to admit that he has had one serious relationship in his life and that he's currently in it. Wow! That's dedication.

Martin also addressed Coldplay being called the decade's "most insufferable band" by the New York Times. He wasn't upset or daunted by the criticism, either! Martin thrives on being an underdog, albeit one that sells millions of albums and writes beautiful songs.

"There's always something big coming at us in a negative way," Martin said, before comparing himself to Poe the Panda in 'Kung Fu Panda,' who is pelted with cannonballs but uses zen thinking and thoughts of inner peace to catch them and throw them back twice as fast! Chris Martin as Poe? It's a pretty strange comparison, but it kinda makes sense.

There's more Coldplay in your future. With 'Mylo Xyoloto' out on Oct. 24, the band will be the musical guest on 'Saturday Night Live' on Nov. 12, with Emma Stone serving as the host. The band will also appear on 'The Colbert Report' on Oct. 20; on 'Today' on Oct. 21; and on 'The Ellen DeGeneres Show' on Oct. 27.

Watch Coldplay on CBS Sunday Profile