Coldplay's sound has shown some dance influences as of late (such as the hazy, spaced-out Rihanna collaboration 'Princess of China'). But promotional single 'Paradise' is a pretty conventional Coldplay pop-rock anthem, with delicate piano and strings underpinning the verses, and a big, lighters-up chorus.

So what does every sweetly sentimental rock song need? A massive progressive house remix!

The one issued for 'Paradise' comes courtesy of Dutch remix master Fedde le Grand, well-known in the club circuit for bonkers remixes like his chart-topping house smashes 'Put Your Hands Up for Detroit' and 'Let Me Think About It.'

The seven-minute mix begins with a full minute of a tinny, thudding beat that builds with anticipation, then gives way to a deeper, harder beat; it isn't until almost three minutes in that the beat yields to Chris Martin's familiar vocals. Martin's repeated "Para-para-paradise" fits nicely with the hyperactive beat of the track, as do his surging "Whoa-oh-ohs," which are layered over chilly synths.

Still, as house remixes go, this one is fairly by-the-numbers, and doesn't utilize Martin's resonant vocals to full effect; le Grand seems more interested in showing off his big electro crescendos than in presenting the song's melody and vocal track in a new way. Would we jam hard to it if we heard it in the club? Absolutely. But for listening in the car, we'll be sticking to the radio edit.

Listen to Coldplay, 'Paradise' (Fedde le Grand Remix)